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Ubuntu beginner

July 10, 2014 -- Webmaster
Last modified on November 2014

Ubuntu tutorialsGet to know the Ubuntu operating system watching these short videos! Every video shows how to perform one task, in a practical and concise approach. By the end of it you will be familiar with most of the common tasks we normally do on computers. It is intended for the absolute beginner in a GNU/Linux environment. The series is thought and build with the end user in mind: we don't assume you know anything, we try to be as practical as possible, building up from the most urgent/necessary stuff up to the more fancy configurations. We hope you will enjoy watching them!

If you like them, feel free to comment and share to encourage us to do more video tutorials! Your feedback is very important!

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS*

(1 tutorial, 20 videos, total duration: +- 1h15)

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS*

(3 tutorials, 21 videos, total duration: +- 1h)

All Ubuntu Versions

(1 tutorial, 11 videos, total duration +-30min)


* To know what version of Ubuntu you are using go to: System settings (top right corner) > Details > Overview. The version numbers correspond to: year.month (e.g. 14.04 = April 2014)


What's next?

Now that you know your computer a little better, you might be wandering how to do some more specific tasks using other applications than the default. No problem! we got you covered! How about taking a look at the Free Software "Hands-on" tutorials or diving into the terminal to get really nerdy?

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