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TreeSheets ToDo List Organizer

July 13, 2014 -- Webmaster
Last modified on December 2014
Duration: +- 15 minutes

TreeSheets Official Website (and download links)

TreeSheets is a great program to organize your ideas. It is a mix between a spreadsheet, a ToDo list and a mind-map. The greatest feature of TreeSheets is to be extremely easy to use. It takes only a few minutes to learn the shortcuts and make it a very efficient organizer. I consider it as an "enhanced pen and paper" since it brings together the ease of the pen and paper with the power of computers.

In this video we highlight the essential things you should know to make the best out of this software and start immediately to put your ideas on paper... or let's rather say, screen. I hope you will enjoy watching the video and make a good use of TreeSheets!

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