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SEO top tips - get known by who matters

December 23, 2014 -- William
Last modified on October 2018
SEO tips and trick

SEO is about the relationship between your site and search engines. There are two different approaches to SEO, the white-hat method will focus on improving your site whereas the black-hat techniques will try dupe search engines. We are going to explain the white hat techniques because it's the best way to get solid and durable results!

Tutorial category: 
Web Development
Duration: +- 15 minutes

Drupal Development Cheat Sheet

November 10, 2014 -- William
Last modified on August 2016

This is a small recap of some useful tools that you can use while developing drupal websites. In this cheat sheet we have put together commands for Drush, GIT, Features, patches and error reporting. We have also included recipes for installing a drupal site with drush in just a few commands and the version control routine in GNU/Linux.

Tutorial category: 
Command Line
Web Development
Duration: +- 15 minutes