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Hand-picked selection of the best free drupal 7 themes

October 14, 2014 -- William
Last modified on March 2019

This is a selection of the most beautiful drupal 7 themes available for free on drupal.org. Check out page two for administration themes.

If you are wondering what theme this very site is using, it's a custom theme based on Omega! (Which is a great choice if you want to create the design yourself). The list below is a selection of themes that are ready to be used without coding.

8+ essential Drupal 7 modules you must have

January 9, 2013 -- Webmaster
Last modified on December 2014

Drupal core is great and keeps getting better all the time. Each new release integrates new code, often from contributed modules. As an example, Drupal 7 integrated functionalities from more than 50 contributed modules of Drupal 6 (http://drupal.org/node/895314). This is just to tell how important the contributed modules are to Drupal. On the first part I'll talk about the essential modules that could as well be part of core in the future. The second part will be about really nice modules that shall be installed depending on your site needs.