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Hand-picked selection of the best free drupal 7 themes

October 14, 2014 -- William
Last modified on March 2019

This is a selection of the most beautiful drupal 7 themes available for free on drupal.org. Check out page two for administration themes.

If you are wondering what theme this very site is using, it's a custom theme based on Omega! (Which is a great choice if you want to create the design yourself). The list below is a selection of themes that are ready to be used without coding.

GNU is turning 30!

July 13, 2014 -- Webmaster
Last modified on September 2016
30 years of GNU

Today the GNU project is turning thirty! For those that do not know, GNU is the name of a free operating system that, together with the Linux kernel, forms the popular GNU/Linux operating systems. Hence it's the perfect time to celebrate the values of a global movement for the freedom of computer users and developers!

I can't overstress how much GNU and the free software movement are getting everyday more important to all of us. With the evolution of computing and especially the rise of mainstream internet, the digital world is becoming part of our lives. If we don't protect our freedom, online and offline, it will be taken from us (seriously!). We have seen in the last years a lot of attempts to minimize our privacy (mass surveillance revealed by Snowden, among others), our ability to share stuff with friends (SOPA/PIPA, ACTA, DRM...) and even our own freedom of choice (Secure Boot). Let's defend the values of freedom, community and sustainability for us and the generations to come! Happy birthday GNU!!!

8+ essential Drupal 7 modules you must have

January 9, 2013 -- Webmaster
Last modified on December 2014

Drupal core is great and keeps getting better all the time. Each new release integrates new code, often from contributed modules. As an example, Drupal 7 integrated functionalities from more than 50 contributed modules of Drupal 6 (http://drupal.org/node/895314). This is just to tell how important the contributed modules are to Drupal. On the first part I'll talk about the essential modules that could as well be part of core in the future. The second part will be about really nice modules that shall be installed depending on your site needs.

The story of keyboard layouts (QWERTY vs Dvorak)

May 15, 2012 -- William
Last modified on August 2016

The story of keyboard layouts is often used as an example to illustrate the predominance of historical events over reasonable judgement. It involves a lot of factors like the importance of being the first, the usual resistance to change, network effects and the relationship between initial investment and long term return. We will see in the next paragraphs that it's rather easy to understand why we use today the standard “QWERTY” layout and how the same mechanisms apply to all sorts of things in our lives.

Surprisingly cool GNU/Linux distros

March 2, 2012 -- William
Last modified on August 2018
Linux surprise

There are distributions of GNU/Linux that are really cool although not as popular as Debian or Fedora. The best thing about Free Software is that, with so much freedom and choice, it seems everything is possible... and it is! Here goes a selection of some of these distributions that surprised me in a very pleasant way.