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The story of keyboard layouts (QWERTY vs Dvorak)

May 15, 2012 -- William
Last modified on August 2016

The story of keyboard layouts is often used as an example to illustrate the predominance of historical events over reasonable judgement. It involves a lot of factors like the importance of being the first, the usual resistance to change, network effects and the relationship between initial investment and long term return. We will see in the next paragraphs that it's rather easy to understand why we use today the standard “QWERTY” layout and how the same mechanisms apply to all sorts of things in our lives.

Surprisingly cool GNU/Linux distros

March 2, 2012 -- William
Last modified on August 2018
Linux surprise

There are distributions of GNU/Linux that are really cool although not as popular as Debian or Fedora. The best thing about Free Software is that, with so much freedom and choice, it seems everything is possible... and it is! Here goes a selection of some of these distributions that surprised me in a very pleasant way.

To Be Innovative Or Not To Be Innovative? Dell Computers And The Ubuntu Desktop

July 22, 2011 -- William
Last modified on October 2014
Dell computer image under CC license

I first got interested in Dell computers when I saw on the Ubuntu website that Dell sells computers tailored for Ubuntu with the operating system pre-installed from factory. For me, personally, it was a reason to believe that I would finally have a computer that has a hardware entirely compatible with my software, beautifully integrating the features of my software with the capacity of my hardware. Surprisingly, is seems that sometimes innovative companies decide not to innovate any more...