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Exciting times for FOSS!

April 27, 2012 -- Webmaster
Last modified on December 2014

Hello subscribers!

These are very exciting times for Free and Open Source Software!

A few days ago Linus Torvalds received a great sign of recognition for his work on the Linux  kernel, being one of the two laureates of the 2012 Millenium prize (see featured content in http://idilix.net). This recognition by a renowned institution helps not only to publicise Linux but also helps those who know about it to respect it's place among the other popular desktop operating systems. It's a prize to all the FOSS community!

You might also have noticed that there were very few updates on the site for the past several weeks. There's a good reason for that: the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release (yesterday). To get ready for this LTS version, all the tutorials were updated, including the promised fourth tutorial, everything on the very day of the official Ubuntu release! It was a marathon to get everything in place but we made it! Take a look at the tutorials and share them with whoever might need it!!! (http://idilix.net/ubuntu-tutorial)

Regarding idilix.net itself, some minor design changes since last time including a new font, new layout to make the languages more obvious and many more “maintenance” kind of changes. All suggestions are welcome by the way!

Thanks to all new subscribers and new members of the team for joining in: welcome aboard! Please do not hesitate to participate on the site! Let me know if you have any doubt/difficulty/request...

Till next time!