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Site update (August 2011)

August 13, 2011 -- Webmaster
Last modified on September 2014

This is it! The promised update of the site is online! (13th of August).

We are very excited with the improvements achieved in this update. The site was rebuilt (almost) from scratch and the entire structure changed to be easier and more friendly. Some other stuff happened under the hood too, we're on a new server to deliver pages faster and be able to receive more visitors. We believe the improvements will compensate the few concessions we had to make. In the next paragraphs I'll explain why and what is different. Forgive us of if these changes affect you and please, contact the webmaster (info at idilix dot net) if you have any difficulties.

From now on visitors don't need an account to subscribe to the newsletter, vote, comment or create a forum topic. Only contributors will need to create an account (writers, translators, administrators...) and these accounts will have to be approved by the webmaster. This decision was taken as part of our strategy to combat spam. An incredible amount of fake accounts were created and flooded the site with inappropriate content. Since we are now filtering every user input we thought it might be better for any visitors to interact without creating an account. Let us know if our spam filter is blocking you from doing anything on the site, this is very important for us. If you had an account and cannot log into it any more please consider these changes and ask for a new account, we will be happy to have you in our team.

We also had to wipe the slate clean and restart all counters, votes and comments. I know this is a big downside but filtering comments, convey votes and statistics was too much work. We decided to start over and focus on one asset: great quality content.

Also let us know if you miss a section, page or function that was on the site prior to the 13th of August. We have tried to make the transition smooth but we are still repairing some broken links from the previous version.

I hope you will enjoy the update and have a great time browsing the new version of the site!

Have a very nice day!

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