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New home page, new tutorials and newsletter poll

January 15, 2013 -- Webmaster
Last modified on October 2016

Dear Idilix.net subscirbers,

We have updated our home page!

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out! (/en)


Ubuntu tutorials and other GNU/Linux tutorials

The release of the Ubuntu tutorials have been a real success. Since the first tutorial on august 2011, our videos have been seen over 200.000 times and gathered more than 500 subscribers. This means, on average, over 500 views and 1 new subscriber every day for the past year or so.

Despite these great news, I have decided to make these tutorials only for LTS versions of Ubuntu and not upgrade them to every Ubuntu release. The reason behind this is that producing these tutorials are quite time consuming and not necessarily so important for every version of Ubuntu. If I do these tutorials every six months, I'd have little time left to do other tutorials that might be just as useful and important.

The good news is that there are more tutorials in the making right now, that will be available sometime soon, about more advanced topics related to using and administering a GNU/Linux systems. You can see already some of the new tutorials at /en/tuto-list?ctg%25255B%25255D=138&field_level_tid=All. I hope that this is the right decision and I'm open to discussion or help if anyone is interested in tutorials for non-LTS versions.


For the past two years or so the newsletters have been used for some seldom announcements here and there. Thinking about the idea of a nice newsletter, I've thought that maybe there is room for something more dynamic and participative. I'm asking today your opinion about a change on these newsletters, if any. Please use the poll at this address to let me know what you would prefer!

Feel free to let us know what you think about the website, the videos or any other thought that you have. We love feedback!