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What is OpenSource?

January 6, 2011 -- Webmaster
Last modified on September 2016

Open Source logoOpen Source is a sort of "branch" of the Free Software movement. They share very similar concepts, the only difference is that Open Source focuses on making Free Software for business. The stress is put into the power of community to develop software and make money with it rather than on ensuring freedom for all users. The Open Source is defined by 10 points:

  1. Free redistribution of the software (commercial or not)
  2. Source code open to study and modify
  3. Derived works are allowed and must be distributed under the same license
  4. Integrity of the author's source code meaning that derived works must be differentiated
  5. No discrimination against persons or groups
  6. No discrimination against fields of endeavor
  7. Distribution of license. Means that everybody benefits from the license of the software
  8. License must not be specific to a product. The license is valid for software from a distribution
  9. License must not restrict other software
  10. License must be technology-neutral

Open-source is today a recognized and respected license in the technology business. Its main opponents are the software patents that prohibits developers to create certain types of software.

To have more information about Open source visit their official website at OpenSource.

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