Freedom, Community & Sustainability


We are a very small team (mostly a one-man-show & friends) of highly dedicated and greatly underpaid (let's say, volunteer) Free Software enthusiasts. We believe that Free and Open Source Software is not only great technology but also a matter of ethical and social responsibility. Technology is present today in almost every aspect of our lives and FOSS grants us freedom as individuals and as a community. Although we would prefer not to, we display advertisement to pay for hosting costs and sometimes grab a coffee together.

Everything at idilix.net is built with Free and Open Source Software only. We would like to thank all developers who participate in the development of outstanding FOSS! These are the main programs used to build and host this website, write articles and edit tutorials (in alphabetical order): Audacity, Drupal, FileZilla, FireFox, Gimp, GNU/Linux, Kazam, Kdenlive, LibreOffice and Netbeans.

We would also like to thank everybody who encouraged and helped this project, directly or indirectly, and to you, reader, who keeps motivating us to continue our journey.